Religious Education

Religious Education encompasses the teaching of knowledge about the Catholic Christian Tradition, fosters understanding, appreciation, and respect for other faith traditions, and explores the shared common dimensions of religious belief and practice within many faith traditions.

The Marian College Religious Education programs are 'core' curriculum and as such are mandatory for all students at all year levels.

  • Year 7: Brigidine Foundational Stories. The Liturgical Year and Biblical Structure. People of the Old Testament. Studies of Jesus and Mary.
  • Year 8: Creation, Co-creation and Ecological Conversion. Community life. A Christian View of Relationships. Symbols and Rituals associated with the Sacraments
  • Year 9: Old Testament and Modern day Prophets. The Gospel of Mark. The Catholic Church in Australia. Good and Evil
  • Year 10: Relationships, Commitment and Moral Responsibility. Catholic Social Teaching. The Declaration of Human Rights, Social Justice. Volunteer work placement

In the Senior years students complete a minimum of three units (two of which must be in year 11)

  • Year 11: Units 1 Art: Religion, Unit 1 Religion and Society, Unit 1 Texts and Traditions or Units 3 & 4 Religion and Society or Units 3 & 4 Texts and Traditions.
  • Year 12: Students have the option of studying Units 3 & 4 RAS or Units 3 & 4 Texts & Traditions or Religion and Society Unit 2 Ethics

Faith Development:

Although Marian College operates within the Judeo-Christian context, the college respects the multi-faith and multi-cultural origins of its students and values these backgrounds as sources of enrichment within the College.

The formal religious education programs are supported by extra-curriculum activities in the form of reflection days at each year level, celebration days, school Liturgies, prayer, meditation and reflection.

Social Justice Initiatives including Vinnies, JDF (Justice & Democracy Forum) and LEO'S provide students the opportunity to live out the Core Values of Marian College.

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