Sustainability at Marian

Sustainable development is the process which enables people to realise their potential and improve their quality of life in ways which simultaneously protect and enhance the earth's life support systems. Being sustainable is something we can all work towards. At Marian College, this year, our goal was to start the implementation of the principles, vales and practices of sustainable development in our education. This learning aimed to encourage the students and staff to change their behaviour to create a more sustainable future. Whether it is picking up rubbish, using the right coloured bins at school or turning of the lights in an empty room, we all can make a difference. A group of dedicated and passionate students was formed. Their main objective was to create a sustainability awareness within the Marian community by creating and implementing projects, which focus on waste.

Miss Mandy Borg – Sustainability Leader


This year, the Marian College Sustainability Club has worked on many exciting projects and continues to work on many of these. We believe that every small action you do for the environment counts, be it taking a trip to a recycling centre, recycling old materials or simply using the right bin in class. We hope to encourage others to help change our future, because together, we can make a difference.

Some of our projects this year include creating posters to raise awareness of the rubbish in our school ground, encouraging students to think twice about how they dispose of their rubbish. Another exciting project we’ve started is painting the water tank near our vegetable garden. We hope this will encourage students and staff to venture over and check out what we have growing. As another way of encouraging recycling, we have collected various e-goods such as batteries and mobile phones. These materials were taken to be recycled or to be disposed of properly. As part of environment day, we created a pastoral care lesson for each class. They watched a video on how much waste we produce in our lifetime, calculated their carbon footprint and then made their own footprints where each student wrote how they will lower their carbon footprint. All these footprints are now displayed in the Student Services Corridor, reminding everyone who walks by of the impact we each have on the earth, both positive and negative.

Our next project is working with the VCAL students to create a space near the year 7 and 8 building with second hand palettes. We’re making a seating arrangement and our aim is to only use recycled materials, and this has proved to be an exciting challenge. While there is still a long way to go, we believe we have made a great start in creating a more sustainable community. We hope to continue to spread awareness and hope that you can all jump on board and support us.

Emily Kliener – Year 12 Student

Collection E-Goods

Sus1.jpg Sus2.jpg

Painting furniture created from palettes for an outdoor relaxation area.

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Rubbish Audit

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Cleaning School grounds

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