Support Services

Marian College recognises the need to support all our students in their overall development and academic performance.

The Head of Student Wellbeing and Year Level Leaders have a primary role in developing a program and environment that directly leads to healthy and joyful experience of school for all at that Year Level. The Homeroom Teachers establish strong relationships with their students and are a major link in the communication chain with parents.

Our Student Counsellors provide a personal and confidential counselling service to our students. Where appropriate they may undertake psychological and educational assessments in order to manage any social, emotional and school difficulties. We have support staff for families and we provide for liaison with our Vietnamese community.

Staff in our lndividual Needs department develop and implement programs to support the continuous improvement of skills across the curriculum for students with individual needs. These programs may involve individual students, year levels, subjects and the whole school. They work primarly with funded students (see Individual Programs for more information).

We provide support for students in the pathways phase of their schooling. Our Careers Coordinator provides information and education sessions for students related to their post-school aspirations and interests. The Coordinator provides individual support for students as they progress through transition and course selection processes.

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