St Vincent de Paul Society

The St Vincent de Paul Society of Australia has as its mission:

" deepen the Catholic faith of its members - to go out into our nation to heighten the awareness of Jesus Christ. We do this by sharing ourselves - who we are and what we have - with the poor on a person to person basis."

And this is what we, the members of St Vinnies at Marian, aim to do through the various activities run throughout the year. We aim to be of charitable service, with the awareness that often the best forms of charity are not in monetary form, but rather in the time we spend with those members of our community who most need someone to talk to - the poor in spirit.

As part of our mission, the members of St Vinnies at Marian are involved in the following:

  • The St Vinnies Soup Van in Footscray, visiting various hostels, boarding houses and people living on the streets, providing hot food and a conversation (Year 11 and 12 students only),
  • Visiting Amity Aged Care Facility, spending time with the residents, playing games, making pancakes, painting nails, listening to music and often just sitting and talking,
  • Tutoring migrant children,
  • The annual College Conference Day, where students and teachers involved in St Vinnies across numerous schools gather to share their experiences and discuss ways of broadening their mission,
  • The annual winter sleep over, where a select and brave group of students (and teachers) sleep over at the school to raise money for blankets for the most needy in our community.

lt is agreed by both students and teachers that being involved with St Vinnies brings much satisfaction as it is clear that we are making some difference, no matter how small. lt is in these small yet significant ways that we carry out Christ's mission

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