Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council consists of two representatives from each Year Level and, with the Lamp Bearers, represents the key student leadership group within the school. The two representatives at each year level are elected by the entire year level and are students that will represent the whole year level at the council.

They aspire to:

  • Look at overall school issues such as fundraising, maintenance and environment, Student Wellbeing and Teaching and Learning.
  • Be involved in the planning and organization of leadership activities such as the school charter. etc.
  • Be involved in the planning and organization of activities such as Brigidine Celebration Day, Swimming and Athletics Carnivals.
  • Be involved in whole school celebrations such as School Assemblies, School Masses and the Awards Night.
  • Play an active role in the meetings that take place between the Year Level Leaders and the SPG Representatives at each year level.
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