House Leaders & House Captains

The role of House Captain is incorporated into the Student Wellbeing framework. Our aim is to encourage and facilitate a leadership role for the House Captains with a view to increasing student connectivity within each house.

In 2013 the House Captains work with the Co-Curriculum Programs Coordinator and their focus throughout the year will be on contributing to numerous school-based and external activities/events. They are also involved in the introduction of lunchtime sporting activities which will allow for the interaction of students within their House groups in a safe, supportive and fun atmosphere.

House Captains also oversee the points system at the College. House members will collect points based on the activities they participate in.

The position of Co-curriculum Programs Coordinator has supported the developing role of House Captains, enabling these student leaders to take on an increased responsibility within the school.

Each house at each Year Level elects one or two students to represent their house. House Captains:

  • represent their house at their respective year levels;
  • are involved in the planning and organization of whole school activities such as Brigidine Celebration Day and the Swimming and Athletics Carnivals;
  • are involved in the planning and organization of year level activities such the House Competitions in Soccer, Netball and Basketball.
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