Complaints Policy

The church’s mission is to proclaim the Word of God and to be the lived example of Christ in the World. As part of the church’s mission Marian College educates young people in the gospel and forms them to live their life to the full. Integral to fulfilling its mission it works to improve learning outcomes for all students and promote a professional and rewarding working life for all staff. The purpose of the Issues Resolution Procedure is to facilitate this mission.

This document outlines Marian’s enquiry, complaints and dispute resolution processes detailing the process for recording, managing and responding to complaints, enquiries and escalations which are received by Marian College

This process applies to all enquiries and complaints received from any member of the school community via telephone, in writing, in person or electronically. The process ensures that all individuals are fully aware of the channels available to them to raise queries or complaints about issues at the College. It also ensures that accurate information is collected and can be used to analyse trends and areas for improvement. Complaints or issues raised, where possible, are to be resolved closest to the source of the complaint. Issues will be addressed professionally, competently and in a timely manner applying principles of natural justice and confidentiality. This document is reviewed periodically and is subject to change.

To access the Complaints Policy please click here.

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